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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ neil: i don't want to scare you. but i want to start thinking about 9/11. does anyone remember before 9/? the one that preceded it meet the exodus back in 1993. even experts say that they are very patient with al qaeda that the so-called failed plot at the time set the groundwork for something that eventually would make dust of those grand powers. and thousands of innocents who work with them. the series of hack attackshave
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targeted neiman marcus and so many other retailers. what if i told you that these were the high-tech warlocks for something much bigger and something more disruptive. what if i told you that this isn't about unnerving just a few shoppers. but this might be a prelude to capitalism itself. think about it. welcome, everyone. i am neil cavuto. to hear some experts tell us that all of these security breaches come and we haven't seen a hf the half of it. but if you connect the dots and follow what is an undeniable pattern. 20 million recovering and it's all been breached. teenage hackers from russia.
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he has done so muchor any of us to know it in the world renowned securityexpert, rethink their leading? >> and prior to 9/11 we started seeing more breaches. we were looking at al qaeda. we have a three level trajectory. and the ultimate is clearly the infrastructure. neil: but to what end? one of the leang up to?
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>> we are focusing on the ultrahigh network because they are focused on this. this they are focusing on the large-scale gain on the state level. >> when it tells you that they are playing upon their own vulnerability. and so the second part is that you adversely affect the economy because you make people reluctant to go shopping. it really didn't affect the cemetery holiday season, but it will affect us more going forward because it made their point. in the last part of making the statement is all of a sudden when the lights go out or traffic lights stopped working, that is going to make a much bigger statement about control of the country and who is really in control. neil: choppers were worried for your very life when their
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identities were stolen. part of the concern is that would put a pall on spending. and you're thinking that something like this has a more pervasive nature as well. >> we have over 400-dollar billions per year. and they are exploiting the vulnerabilities and part of that is the ego and reluctance to conduct a solid assessment. and they are playing against that. we want to have their kids and their cards. >> yes, we still don't get it
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and now you have a roblem. and when you assume that identity and the next step that we are seeing this where you have hackers going in d then clearing out bank accounts. neil: i'm not turning an alarmist here. but follow this pattern. and here is the most disturbing part in all ofthis. the story that should scare us.
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what do you make of this bill? >> we had tens of thousands of bits of data that has been compromised. and it is out there being used by various forms of criminals. i look at this as being a three-phase criminal attack. one is the people that breached the system and then sell it off and the other to your people who use it for taking someone's identity and masquerading the bank accounts and etc. we are now ound 80 plus in possession and they have some of the well-known retailers in southern texas.
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>> it would be a high-tech equivalent or the financial equivalent of a third party getting its hands on nuclear material. in your argument is this is times millions now we are talking about this financial head. >> actually there is the group are now talking about this and they are selling it to people that we can use this information in north america or elsewhere in
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this information travels at light speed around the world. the criminals criminals criminals by the information in a by these listen to create this very quickly and they look to take advantage of openings in the system. so couple of months ago we saw where there was this kind of want a system that it went down and people started buying much more than they could. looking on this with the information that is out there. were they know there's a gap they will use this as quickly as possible and get out with as much stuff as they can. neil: thank you for the heads up. and in the meantime, the security expert on us all over again. some of the very folks who were targeted at target since yet again with fake eails made to look like they are coming from
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target, but they are not. so what is gog on here, victor? >> is the same old story. the cybercriminals have good technical tools but they are not geniuses. they are very good at what we call social engineering. psychological techniques to do people in to trick people into haing over even more information. and so a lot of the reason for the attacks that target and neiman marcus is a profile of more people to target those people from further victimization. i have to route nd trim boards for everywhere out there. it affected so many that yo have to be skeptical. only you can protect yourself from the cybercriminals. neil: i can understand why a lot of people look at us and be a -ittle guard. if you get something that looks i get an e-mail coming from bank of america or citibank. you would assume it is official.
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whe someone is paying attention to this court date in this amount. it has the air of authenticity to it. so how do you separate the real from the not real? difficult, ws exactly what the cybercriminals like. it's hard to discriminate between the real and the fake. be skeptical and pick up the phone. call the organization and the bank and government entity. say did you send me this. in most cases they are not sending you this information by e-mail since these attcks are so prevalent. or you can go to their website. when you gthere, do not click on the link inside an e-mail that you are worried about. because those are booby traps. neil: a lot of people worry that looks official and they don't click on it, and they will face wrath from the institution that might actually be sending a legitimate e-mail to them.
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but most institutions don't do it that way. do they? >> that's right. e e-mail is not as reliable as physical mail because of the anti-spam systems. because people have different issues with their computers. so companies and government agencies know that if you send t a mandatory notice by e-mail, many people will never see it. pick up the phone. call the agency. call the company. find out what is going on. do not rely on e-mail for now. that is not what e-mail is for. neil: victor, thank you so much. if that is in stereo, shoppers, brace yourself for this. the former chairman of the joint chief of staffs, if he is right, the dead thing can kill us. number one security threat that if wdon't fix it soon, this highly decorated admiral will highly decorated admiral will ha this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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night. number one is the debt. neil: that is a military man saying now. it's a military guy is talking about the debt, hello. the former joint chiefs of staff, the huge debt is a huge national security threat. it shows the world how horrible we are and not that we are just a big old deadbeat. and how do we could be. no cash. ryan, over to you first. we don't address this soon it becomes a front and center security breach. >> that is true. and that is why this cluster was such a great thing. because we do need to cut the debt and deficit. and now we spend five times the interest of debt than we do on education. with certain nations that saudi arabia and china buying our debt definitely compromises that
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geopolitically strategy in the future. >> what happened to the old adage that if i owe you money you will never go broke. and there is some truth to that. and as long as there is that relationship my guess is that these countries are going to
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stilowe the united states and have a solution to the united states. we don't have the money for democratization that we would like to have but that is a role that even the american public doesn't want us to be in right now. i don't think that these countries are going to divest from us. they are still holding the cash i. >> and china japan argument, we cannot sit there and know that china is buying our debt. neil: do they need us as much we need them? flick about sopranos episode. [laughter]
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i'm italian and that was never what i heard before. >> a lot of this say that that doess't matter. i. neil: answer to that point we shouldn't worry. my argument is that at any point in my life when you're deadbeat, no one respects you.
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>> in terms of military strength, no one has matched to in this world. anyone want to pick a fight with the united states. >> they are just reuilding. a reported that china's growth is slowing. neil: it is slowing and we would die for number anywhere close to that. >> we are still recoveng. but the reality is that our military strength is not going to be directly affected. >> and you are not dependent upon another country. that's the important thing. neil: okay, anyway, the picture that the world is talking about. this skater, speedskater, giving
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the finger.
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>> we cannot fall victim to be added to the washington dc. the attitude that says that i am always right and you are always were. the attitude that puts put everyone into a box that they are not permitted to leave. the attitude that puts political victories ahead of policy agreements. neil: i don't think that chris christie should be lecturing anyone on this government. with the scandals and power
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grabs that he is bubbling in new jersey, the world is not sguise garden state. this man means that start commanding because at the rate you are going, chris christie, you are not going much further than governor christie. i. >>ad timing. he -- washington and worked at the time.@ but washington had nothing to do with his bridge scandal. the deputy chief of staff hasn spoken publicly. so chris christie watch to be careful not to get impatient. and the good news i that 2015 is a long ways off a. neil: a lot of people are trying to throw things out and see what sticks and say this is part of a narrative on a leader that might not be responsible for the individual abuses. but who provides the atmosphere
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that all but encourages them. so what do you think of that and whether that resonates? forty people outsidef new york and new jersey area care? >> i think that when you're a politician especially, a governor or a president, you have to be tough. but you can't be too tough. and it remains to be seen as as whether new jersey will play in iowa in 2016. but you have to be tough. you don't want to be the viewed as a bully. so i think you have to tone it back a little bit. let these probes play t. be patient. i think his press conference was a good step. two hours of questions. where it goes from here he can't get too upset with the onging probes. neil: the counter argument is that it's actually rallied him with some, not all, republicans, including those who ound him not their cup of tea. but rallying to his defense
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because they don't like the way the mainstream media is ripping him a new one. so could he come out of this with a stronger position amon republicans than he had before? >> i definitely think so. you have seen a fair amount of the conservatives go after the media for coverage on him. so i think that this could help him as john mccain says. as long as there is not another shoe to drop. he needs to be 100% truthful. if that plays out in this could help him. neil: at early stages ifyou plant some doubts you give pause to the money guys. the people who are writing out the checks might be betting on an early favorite and now might be thinking okay, not so fast. and so at the least they hought that this might give them sort of caution.
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>> yes, i think it could. but at the same time the dnc and leading democrats are going after chris christie. and they fear him and they view him as a formidable candidate. they really want to undercut him and i think it's going to give the republican guys some pots. but when they see democrats go after, they went after mitt romney throughout the primary even though he was up-and-down, they thought that he was going to win. the one that interesting. always interesting to have you, bob. >> thank you. neil: did charles payne tell people to get off their butts? you should hear what some of them sent back coming up next. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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and you can start by shoveling somef the snow that is blinking the middle east. and i'm glad i got my snowblower fixed last week. and no one has offered shared sacrifice. so here's this 20-year-old kid. one day he will be rich and others will cry foul. >> not to diss anyone but let's say to reward someone we have to
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go from $7 an hour to $15 an hour. d no one from my account number pulls up and says, charles, i've been on long-term unemployment. can i help you out. >> no because they know you have people. >> i have to tell you that the amount that he asked for was so miniscule. and we clean windows at stoplights.
11:33 pm
door-to-door one from one business to another business and another business. and people are saying that i have a degree and in this i don't want this job and well, rich people are getting out of cash, it's just t that way. you have to start to make a move in and step in the right direction. this kid who shoveled my property, there's no way that he's not going to be successful down the line. neil: i would've said that i'll give you half. [laughter] >> i'm just joking. neil: here are some of the responses that he got. it's all about effort and drive. handouts teach nhing. still another. and i'm teaching my kids to shovel. those are the good ones. the other ones were just a little too graphic for us to repeat. but people do appreciate honest hard work. but how are you going to get the computer programmer who has been laid off to do tt? >> i don't know.
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i think you go after young people. even if they start talking about allocating resources. i think that we focus on third grade and below. in this program or that program it's like we are being callous. neil: it's like it's going nowhere. >> but when your back is against the law, things happen. make sure there is an escape when you have your opponent corner. when their backs are against the wall they fight and they fight hard. some people have to be against the law. and they will surprise themselves in the country's. neil: neil: charles vesely knows what he's speaking about.
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sometimes i look back and i remember. il: we used to have a lot of time to talk about this. neil: in the meanwhile, has anyone seen and the latest class and turn facebook post? you should see how they filled in the blanks coming up [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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neil: just call it mad libs gone mad. the first thing that i'm going to do after my coverage begins. they are asking and demanding facebook users were sparked. and they did.
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and the first thing that paquin would do is get his head examined. and some got this due to bad health. this is just how out of touch the administration is that it would devote time to something as goofy as this. but they did. and i guess they shouldn't be too surprised with some of the responses. >> that is right. about 342 responses and of those just 20 them were positive. the rest was a barrage of criticism of obamacare. the bottom line is that they tried to sell us this untigated disaster as if it's a cure-all to all of our health care woes and that's not the case. people are feeling it. they feel the pain of high premiums and benefits and we see this on his facebook application. to sell this in such a light
11:40 pm
fashion speaks to how out f touch they really are. it's pretty incredible. >> is a good number of people he it didn't have it before that might be mpted to write something positive and i'm sure they did. and i'm sure everyone can appreciate that this is like nirvana. but the fact of the matter is that when one out of 10 of thse enrolling under the new health care law actually a par of health part of health care company can have covered before in nine out of 10 dead and many began to realize these aren't the striking numbers but they have been said they were. >> that's right, the middle class are feeling the squeeze. premiums have gone up in 41 states. young people have seen their premiums go up. roughlthree times. it is going to be manifested in elections. we are starting to see it done in florida with a special election when a republican is leading by four points.
11:41 pm
60% of people are voting based on obamacare. so that's one example of what we are going to see come the midterm elections. obamacare will affect the outcomes i think the democrats are going to be shocked at how unpopular this law is. neil: it's funny you should say that. i talk to those that say that we are living in the moment here in six months this shall pass and a lot of the angst associated with the health care law and the website and everything else will have faded from memory and will be not on also owners of more cylinders that we are now. do you buy that? >> no, it's just not true and they tried desperately to delay it. one very interesting model article is that despite this fact in an attempt to avert some of these cancellations that saw with the indivual coverage is that they delay the employer mandate that the health care was
11:42 pm
praised for the plans long before they actually would put forth the plans. so we are going to see mass cancellations the same way we saw the individual coverage just last year. so this is going to be an absolute disaster but the effects are here and here to stay and it's going to affect the election for sure is well be one it is always a pleasure and we will watch closely. not quite sure about that dude you're going to marry? how about taking out some insurance in case the marriage [ tires screech ] [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-ownened mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chis ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event
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through february 28th.
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neil: i just because someone gets cold feet is no reason to blow a lot of cash.
11:46 pm
have you ever seen the price of a large platter of pigs in a blanket? or a case of twist off-line? off one? if you could take out an insurance policy in case the whole thing is called off, now you can. a lot of folks are buying wedding insurance or marriage i don't know what it says about the state of marriage but i do know that it says that a lot of young folks are covering their butts in this country. other attorney says the coverage is a good idea. do you have some concerns? >> i think it's a good idea because a lot of money is spent on the wedding. forty or $50,000. with this insurance, anything that goes wrong, the chauffeur doesn't show up, including whether. the guy doesn't show up some of
11:47 pm
these cases. but they are sayinn that if you cancel has to be at least 90 days before the wedding because there have been a lot of day of problems. but i think it's a great way for the insurance companies to begin a relationship with someone, especially if the wedding goes off right. the marriage is okay. but if there is a divorce than does everything that's associated with that particular marriage become negad or throw my? 's the one that is wha worries me. all of a sudden there's an escape hatch and maybe for very good reasons. for events he can't control like weather. this could be a slippery slope. >> i don't necessarily agree. if someone wants a way out. they are going to find a way out. if they do so, they might be causing the other party to occur all sorts of costs but they really shouldn't becse of their own behavior. sohe insurance provides a mechanm for them to incur what
11:48 pm
they have already paid the vendors and with the travel arrangements are that have been made, it mitigates damages that have been a part of it. so i think it's a good idea in a very practical idea as well that people allies that anything can happen at any time and to try to take advantage of whatever prection so they can for their hard-earned money. and i don't think just because you get insurance means that you will cost the wedding. neil: a lot of people talk about this. but i wonder where this leads. because you could say that this is kind of like vacation insurance. if you want that protection, we have equated getting married to just another quick business decision.
11:49 pm
>> there are pros and cons and i don't think it's all pro. same if you lose the money should get it back. you have to look at what the commitment may be. if you have insurance on the sweating. maybe you are feeling okay and well, now i do have now that i can take. but i think that when we look at this wedding insurance is also going to be equivalent to a cleanup. we used to think about was a bad idea and we now know that it's a very good protection for both the partners and that this may be along that same line as the one is not presupposing that something will go wrong? >> prenup allows the peoe when you're getting along to decide what would be fair if they split up. neil: again we are supposing that they are splitting up. >> that is unfortunately the reality. sometimes it depends on who is married to each other and it's
11:50 pm
fortunate that the people are away from each other. i have clients that are victims of domestic violence that shouldt have to stay in a relationship and i'm sure doctors say that a lot. just because people are married doesn't mean they should stay married because they have invested money in. neil: in your case a business reason and a legal rason. saying that there is always an out. no commitment is so strong you can't find a way out. >> next timee should talk about divorce insurance which is taking hold. so we may not see the same psychological situation. basically have to keep paying into the premium. the bigger the payout if you do divorce. neil: but what if something negates the divorce? >> perhaps it might. >> i did say that i do just a few seconds ago. so the psychological always plays in. neil: at the end of the world, this is how it works out in its
11:51 pm
final days. >> i don't think so. [laughter] neil: thank you guys very much. i've got a very good reason why you should be open to cutting defense spending. they say that they aresticking with this endgame over.
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open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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the one i have always said that if you can't find something to cut and a half trillion dollar budget, you're not working very hard. when i heard the defense department is sticking with blackberry, for all the blackberrysmartphones, i didn't have to think very hard. not only does the defense budget talk about this but really?
11:55 pm
we decided whether this is a blitz or a blackberry just might be worth a sond look. >> on with it and i think it's a good idea. they were the first company to have these contracts and they are secure and the only company that has successfully passed all of the security test at this point. and also they have to go back to the core customer. banks, financial institutions, they can lie on blackber. neil: fair enough. that is how a lot of general sale. so maybe there is something to that. if that is your base, that's a very big and trends base. >> that is true. you have to wonder if the technology saver. maybe with this network the
11:56 pm
blackberry is the safest way to go for the government. consumers voted and they are going with the competition although we know that government is not effcient and by definition it is wasteful. maybe it's the politics of the situation is why they still have the blackberry devices. >> true. neil: what else could explain this in southern california? have you been there? well, if you're fat they shoot you and if you're eating a donut in case you. but junk food is apparently a big commodity? >> it's not a donut. it's a sweet treat. southern californians have it every now and then. they're currently 11 krispy kreme'in southern california. they say the best perfoance is
11:57 pm
in these stories. also dunkin donuts. moving to the west coast. we'll see more of them popping up and then a lot of the test markets from these fast food and junk food companies. it has a lot of new products. >> i think i see a lot of hypocritical rich folks. but the krispy kreme is a cash cow. right? >> i agree 100%. but you also have to wonder. we all of the goodie in america. after every meal my daughters they can we have a treat. and we will give them a goodie after dinner but not after every meal. look at americans and their waistlines. a great idea as far as marketing. but how long-terr sustainable is a? go figure. neil: that is very interesting. anyway, speaking of krispy kreme, here's tonight's
11:58 pm
nightcap. ♪ ♪ [inaudible] neil: that was an animation of the recent neil cavuto family reunion. what are you keeping an eye on, warren? >> this lovely weather. who is going to make it work. what were the lost productivity is. already about 500 airline cancellations for tomorrow already. neil: for tomorrow? >> yes. we're up to about 3000 i know. >> with the deep freeze in early january cost about $1.4 billion in lost productivity as far as airlines were concerned. we want mike, what are you watching? >> i'm watching america turn into a bunch of wimps.
11:59 pm
they are canceling everything. i'm supposed to go to go to a dinner tomorrow morning and they canceled it in a day in advance because of snow. and so when i was a kid you don't cancel for a little snow. >> where is the old ameran greg? no one can make any decisions in life anymore and it's killing me. >> that is because we are feeding our kids donuts. anything worried about this market? what you think of it? would he make of it? >> t market is expensive. and i'm blown away that they have come only as high as they have come. this is not sustainable without topline growth.
12:00 am
>> absolutely, we are trying to get that momentum back. i


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